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Nashville Woman Wakes Up To Snake Wrapped Around Her Arm In Memphis Hotel!

A Nashville woman woke up to the worlds most terrifying experience...

Melinda Major, who lives in Nashville, said she was in Memphis for an appointment and was staying in a hotel when she woke up feeling something on her arm.

**most of the time I'd be like --'oh, it's just the comforter or sheets wrapped up weird**


“I first thought, well it’s just my hubby trying to snuggle but then quickly realized.. my hubby wasn’t with me!” said Major.

When Melinda looked down, she saw a SNAKE WRAPPED AROUND HER ARM IN THE HOTEL BED.

**give me a second while I continue to freak out**

Melinda said she freaked out and threw the snake across the bed against the headboard and stood on top of the desk until the manager arrived.

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