Here's Why This Mom Declined Her Son’s Perfect Attendance Award!

Kids get tons of different certificates and trophies at school these days: including awards for not missing a day of school all year long!

Most parents are really happy for their kids' perfect attendance, but one mom, Rachel Wright, decided to take a stand and NOT have her son accept his award!

In a lengthy Facebook post, Rachel explained why she decided to not have her son accept his perfect attendance award.

She says:

  • “We don’t reward luck”- She says her family thinks of as many reasons to praise their children as possible, but “being lucky enough to not get sick isn’t one of them.”
  • “Perfect attendance awards can demonize the weakest”- She doesn’t like the message these awards send to kids who can’t come to school every day because they’re sick or for some other reason. She writes, “In this family, you are not shamed for ill health, vulnerability or weakness.”
  • “He had no control over his attendance”- which is a really true point.. kids have no say so over their illness and they ability to attend school.

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