Girl Scouts Release New Inspiring Cookie!

Every year the Girl Scouts of America sell cookies as a nationwide fundraiser for the organization!

Your favorites like Thin Mints, Tag-Alongs & Samoas will still remain available, but this year they released a new cookie with an inspiring message baked into them!

The 'Lemon Ups' are a crispy lemon cookie that features eight phrases inspired by Girl Scouts, like:

  • "I'm a go-getter"
  • "I am an innovator"
  • "I am bold"
  • "I am strong"
  • "I am creative"

The new cookie is now being offered in select cities, replacing the Savannah Smiles in those markets.

It isn’t the only lemon cookie offered. The Lemonades cookie, a shortbread cookie with lemon-flavored icing, is also offered in select Girl Scout council markets.

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