Women Are Scrapping Razors For “Januhairy”

We all know No-Shave November, but now it's officially "JanuHAIRY!"

JanuHAIRY is a campaign that encourages women to stop shaving for the entire month to embrace their bodies and all of the hair that comes with them!

JanuHAIRY is targets mainly at women, but clearly it encourages "all genders and identities" to get involved!

This year, JanuHAIRY is raising money for TreeSisters, an organization that protects and restores tropical forests by raising funds for reforestation.

Twitter users are evidently divided on the movement as some are mentioning positive vibes like: "Every month is JanuHAIRY for me" but of course there has the be the opposite side of the argument with Twitter users saying: " It feels completely unnatural and horrid!"

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