Adult-Only Boozy Safari Coming To Nashville Zoo!

One thing that Nashville does really well is drink LOL So it's no surprise that the Nashville Zoo is throwing the first ever boozy safari where you can pet the animals at the zoo!

Spring Flamingle - is an adult-only event where there is unlimited beer & wine samples with up-close encounters with the animals!

The event is happening on April 2 and it's sure to change the way you look at your safari experiences! I know that beer is not for EVERYONE -- so don't worry, there'll be plenty of different wine options as well!

At the event you'll be able to see the animals in a much more chill and relaxed environment! From 7pm - 10pm it's just you, the animals and lots of alcohol! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT IN LIFE!

The other good news -- there will also a ton of different local food trucks in attendance because who can have unlimited samples of alcohol without food?!

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