Ikea Is Hosting In-Store Sleepovers!

Ikea is the home of everything AMAZING lol.

The furniture chain has announced the Ikea Swede Dreams Sleepover event, where some lucky fans will get to stay OVERNIGHT in an Ikea showroom in Brooklyn, NY & Costa Mesa, California!

Apparently the sleepover is going to take place on World Sleep Day ** WHO KNEW THAT WAS A HOLIDAY?!*-- which happens to fall on Friday, March 13!

It's not just any regular ole sleepover either! The opportunity includes games and activities all related to sleep! **fyi, sleeping is my favorite hobby** They're going to have an insomniac lounge featuring ASMR, a silent disco and demonstrations on how to create your perfect sleep scenario!

For your chance to get in on this epic sleepover, you just have to enter the RAFFLE ONLINE, and be an 'Ikea Family; member - which is just their loyalty program and you can sign up for free!

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