Lady Gaga MARRIED to Michael Polansky after just 14 days!

Sources are claiming that Lady Gaga has gotten MARRIED just 14 days after her relationship became official with new boyfriend, Michael Polansky!

According to information provided from sources speaking to American OK! magazine-

"Michael proposed to Gaga with an eight-carat diamond ring. She told Michael she didn't want to waste any time, and that they should get married right away. So they both pulled some strings and within hours, they were on a $500Million yacht becoming husband and wife! Gaga wore a white dress and Michael “teared up” when he saw her. It was so sweet and romantic. The couple also wrote their vows jotted down on paper napkins and Michael gushed about Gaga making a wonderful mother someday."

Also according to the insider, Gaga had no time to invite her friends but there were a few family members including her mother!

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