Iconic 'I Believe In Nashville' Mural Left Standing After Scary Tornado!

At around 1A.M. sirens and alarms started sounding off as there was an intense tornado touching down in North Nashville on Tuesday, March 3.

Hundreds of families lost their homes, dozens upon dozens of businesses were completely obliterated... but there was one thing left standing that represents the strength of Nashville.

The Basement East, music venue, was unfortunately one of the buildings torn down by the tornado but something really interesting was left standing. The iconic mural 'I Believe In Nashville' painted on the side of the building was the only remaining part of the building!

The venue has tweeted to acknowledge that everyone in the building at the time is safe!

The images that Nashvillians have shared of the lonely standing mural are jaw dropping yet strangely inspiring at the same time. Our city is special in so many different ways, and it all starts with the people that live here.

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