Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear Gloves To The Store!

With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming increasingly dangerous, you see most people wearing gloves at the grocery store, supermarket and other outings. But the questions, do they really keep you protected from the coronavirus?

According to a new report in Men's Health, not really.

Microbiologist, Kelly Reynolds, Ph.D., director of the environment, exposure science and risk assessment center at the University of Arizona, told Men's Health that wearing gloves "could be causing a lot more harm than good"

Sourced from Men's Health, here's why:

  • You don’t need them- Since the virus doesn’t enter through your hands, you don’t need the barrier. You’re just as likely to contaminate another surface if you touch a contaminated product with gloves on as if you did it with your hands. The contaminant may even adhere to the gloves more than your skin, and you could easily get it off your hands by washing them.
  • It gives you a false sense of security– Wearing gloves may cause people to not wash their hands as much, which isn’t good. Plus, if you wear them on more than one errand you’re just spreading germs from one place to another.
  • Most people don’t take gloves off right– If you don’t pull your gloves off properly, you’re likely to just transfer all those germs you accumulated on to your hands Also if you don’t dispose of them properly, you’re probably spreading more germs, and risk contaminating yourself. 

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