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Finding Yourself More Exhausted While Doing Absolutely Nothing? HERE'S WHY!

One of the only positives about the coronavirus, is that it's cancelled all of our plans and forced people to stay home! No more commute, no more work events, parties, or running around the city socializing! The 'new normal' is just to stay and home and do absolutely NOTHING!

With more lounging around, you'd figure that would make us feel more rested, but we're slowly figuring out that sitting around is actually overwhelmingly exhausting!

Dr. Diana Gall tells Metro UK:

When you’re lacking any sort of physical activity [...] your ability to take in oxygen decreases and you will notice a huge drop in energy levels and motivation.

We're basically putting our body through an recurring cycle.. the less you do, the more tired you feel, so in turn that you less, and so on!

WANT TO BREAK THE CYCLE and get some motivation to finally finish some of those things on your to-do list?? Easy enough.. START MOVING!

You could go on a walk, do yoga, do pushups, or even crunches!

If these sorts of physical exercise aren't really your cup of tea, you could always swap out Netflix for a board game, a book, or just something else to actually give your brain a workout!

Dr. Diana Gall goes on to say:

these aren’t exercise-based activities, but they require concentration which should kick any feelings of tiredness and lethargy to the curb. Making sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg is imperative and increase your daily water intake to remain hydrated.”

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