Disney Plus To Premiere Eight-Part Mandalorian Docuseries On Star Wars Day!

The Mandalorian took the worlds heart by storm when Disney Plus released it in November of 2019!

NOW, Disney Plus is set to release an eight-part 'Mandalorian' docuseries on Star Wars Day! The docuseries will take a look at different aspects of the series through a number of interviews with the cast, crew and production team! The series will also include NEVER before seen footage straight from the cutting room floor and roundtable conversations hosted by the director, writers and producer Jon Favreau!

One of the topics that Disney Plus will explore is how the special effects and props team brought the different 'Mandalorian' creatures to life, and YES that includes Baby Yoda!!

The series will premiere on May 4th **aka Star Wars Day** and new episodes will premiere every Friday!

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