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Utility Worker Sings Happy Birthday To Elderly Woman He Befriended!

Social distancing has kept families from celebrating birthdays, Easter, and even graduation!

Sarah Ditmars Cahill has been struggling to see her mother, who lives in an assisted living facility in Winter Park, Florida, during this COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah said that not being able to get closer than 10 feet from her mother has been really rough.

She told CBS News:

Yes, it's sad, we are very close and I'm an only child... and she has dementia so she doesn't understand why I can't come through the gate

Since visitors aren't allowed to go into the living facility, she walks by when her mom is sitting outside with her caregiver.

One day, while visiting her mothers assisted living facility, she started singing and dancing trying to make her laugh. Then all of a sudden heard a man singing across the street.

She went on to tell CBS news:

He had his earbuds in and I motioned to him. He took them out and I said he should come over and sing to mom since he was so much better than me. He was happy to do so!

WATCH the amazing moment below!

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