Study: 84% Of Americans Want Another Stimulus Check!

According to StudyFinds, 84% of Americans would like to receive a second round of stimulus checks to help during the COVID-19 pandemic!

We have quickly found out that $1200 does not get you very far in current times. The survey estimated that 160 Americans are less then THREE MONTHS away from going broke and nearly 29% are less than ONE MONTH away from completely draining their savings accounts!

What did people spend their stimulus money on? According to the survey, close to half of people used their money on rent, 26% is going to buy for or savings, and only 4% said they would be using a piece of their stimulus check for 'non essentials'!

A really interesting note about the survey is that 91% of the study admitted they're going to use stimulus money on booze, tobacco, or some other drugs!

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