Disney World Finds Man Camping In its Abandoned Discovery Island Attraction

A man from Alabama was arrested and BANNED from Walt Disney World in Florida because was found camped out at Disney's abandoned 'Discovery Island' attraction!

The man, the myth, the legend -- Richard McGuire, was arrested and charged with trespassing after he was discovered living on the island!

Apparently McGuire used a Disney boat to reach the island -- which CLEARLY has closed gates and 'no trespassing' signs all over the place!

McGuire went on to tell police that he didn't realize the area was restricted.. I guess sometimes signs are hard to read LOL He was there for 2-3 days and said he planned on staying there for about a week!

A police report obtained by Variety said officers used helicopters and the Disney PA system to try and reach him, but according to McGuire, "he did not see or hear them due to being asleep in one of the buildings on the island."

If you've never heard of Discovery Island, it used to be a wildlife park with birds, monkeys, and alligators -- but closed in 1999 when Disney opened Animal Kingdom.

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