Francesca And Harry From "Too Hot To Handle" Got Engaged On Zoom!

About three weeks ago, Netflix debuted it's hit show 'Too Hot To Handle' that features uncomfortably attractive people hanging out in a gorgeous beach villa! The ONE rule: NO SEXUAL CONTACT. So every kiss, or other sexual act deducts money from the grand prize at the of the show!

One of the couple that left the villa together were Francesca & Harry! Apparently they actually broke up for a bit -- but sources are saying they are currently very much in love, just quarantining separately!

CLEARLY it's time for a reunion special to catch with the entire cast! Shockingly, Harry got down on one knee and asked Francesca to be his wife -- VIA ZOOM, WITH A RING POP! LOL!

After a few VERYYY awkward cuts between web cams, Francesca gave her answer; "Harry knows I want to marry him, so yes. Of Course.

Honestly, I can't tell if the engagement is real... I mean he used a RING POP LOL. If it is real, I have absolutely no doubt that the wedding will also be a Netflix special... cause why not?!

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