Doctors Report The FIRST Known Case Of A Person Who Urinates Alcohol!

This could honestly be a blessing or a curse. There's a woman in Pittsburgh that has become the FIRST documented case of a living person that actually urinates alcohol!

The condition, which researchers are calling, "bladder fermentation syndrom," is actually similar to another super rare condition, "auto brewery syndrome," where just ingesting carbohydrates can be enough to make you inebriated, EVEN without consuming any alcohol!

The doctors became aware of this 61 year old woman's case after she visited University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre Presbyterian Hospital for placement on a liver transplant waitlist! Previously, the woman experienced liver damage & poorly controlled diabetes! Clearly, the doctors originally thought that her problems stemmed from an alcohol addiction, due to repeated tests for alcohol showing consistently positive!

After constantly denying having consumed alcohol, she also didn't show any signs of intoxication during visits to the clinic, even though her urine tests kept showing high levels of ethanol content!

According to the researchers, her strange results were due to yeast fermenting sugar in her bladder!

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