Rutherford Co. Listed As "Location To Watch" In COVID-19 White House Report

Many counties across the state of Tennessee have started their reopening phases, some opening quicker than others.

In a leaked report from The White House, Rutherford County has been listed as a 'location to watch' for COVID-19 cases.

In Murfreesboro, Tennessee, people have started populating their favorites restaurants, shops and cars are lining the streets again. But, according to an unreleased White House Report from May 7 from obtained by NBC News, Rutherford County has been listed as a 'location to watch' when it comes to COVID-19 cases!

Counties are placed the on 'locations to watch' list when they see more than a 10% week-to-week increase in positive cases. Specifically in Rutherford County, they've seen a 101% increase in positive cases.

Rutherford County Mayor, Bill Ketron, said in a statement that he was shocked to see their name on the leaked report from The White House.

Ketron goes on to say;

We're doing everything possible. We're doing like every other county. We're following Governor Lee's outline of what we're supposed to be doing.I think we're doing everything that we possibly can, but based on what they probably didn't take into consideration is the amount of testing that we're doing in compared to the positive cases that are coming out. If you feel like where you get your hair cut or where you're eating and the employees are not in compliance, then you have that option, don't go in there and get your hair cut. Don't go in there and eat. Go where you feel comfortable.

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