Over 1.8 Million People Join Facebook Group Where They Pretend They're Ants

Facebook is the home everything weird in the world. One of the STRANGEST Facebook groups to ever exist... exists..

The Facebook group has 1.8 million members and it's a group where everyone pretends to be ants in an ant colony and worshiping their queen. The group was apparently created back in June of 2019, then by March of 2020, it had grown to nearly 100,000 members!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people found themselves REALLY bored at home and the numbers grew exponentially in less than two months! ONE of the rules of the group is to NEVER discuss politics or human issues in general.

The group is all about being an ant, helping the colony, and above all, worshiping the QUEEN!

The groups creator said that he has so many requests to become a member that it's a full-time job for him trying to sort all of them out!

HERE is a link to group if you wanna join or read the rest of the rules! LOL

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