New Hazmat-Style Suit Created To Wear At Live Concerts

One industry that's been hit the hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely the music/touring industry. Musical artists make a majority of their income from live shows!

For fans that have been longing to see a show in person, there's a company that is making a hazmat-styled suit specifically to wear at concerts! It kind of looks like a space suit but with a tight helmet, filtration system & LED accent lights!

Apparently the suit will even be equipped with an N-95 mask, as well as snap-in canisters for drinking and vaping!

The incredible design, named Micrashell, is being created by a company called Production Club!

Miguel Risueno, head of inventions for Production Club, said:

Micrashell is a solution for bringing people together safety. It's a half suit that kind of takes your safety and your security in terms of being close to airborne particles or viruses to the next level.

WATCH the full video here!