California Man Allegedly Caught Eating 90 Year Old Grandmother’s Body

As if things in 2020 couldn't get any more weird, there is a man in California that was arrested on suspicion of killing his 90 year old grandmother and trying to eat her body...

I feel like TLC will be calling this man soon to do a 'My Strange Addiction' episode.

The Mercury News reported, Richmond, California officers responded to a 911 call about a man standing over a woman's bloody body and allegedly in the act of eating the body.

Dwayne Wallick, 37 years old, is the alleged culprit eating his grandmother's body..

Apparently whenever officers arrived, they walked into the home and saw Wallick 'digging in her flesh' and he also allegedly ignored orders to stop and officers had to use a STUN GUN to subdue and arrest him!

Dwayne has been taken to a hospital for treatment and will be booked pending his release from the hospital.

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