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Man Puts Cellphone Charger Up His P-Hole, Gets It Stuck In His Bladder

I don't even know how to break this news to you... but yes... this really happened.

A doctor in India told CNN that he treated an Indian man that went to the hospital with abdominal pain because apparently he decided to insert a phone charger cable into his p-hole.

The man in question visited a hospital in northeastern India last month, claiming that he had ingested some EARPHONES, said Dr. Walliul Islam, a general surgeon at the hospital.

Dr. Islam told CNN:

He came to us after five days, (and) despite passing stool several times the cable did not come out. We then conducted an endoscopy but still couldn't find anything. As the patient complained of severe pain, we decided to perform surgery and found that there was nothing in his intestine

After finding nothing in his intestine, an x-ray revealed that the man actually had a two-foot-long charging cable in his bladder, that was inserted via his urethra...

Dr. Islam went on to tell CNN:

Then I made an incision there and took out the cord, which was actually a charging cable over 2 feet long. If he had been honest then it would have saved us the trouble and we could have treated him sooner.

The patient has been discharged and is fine, according to Islam.

When trying to find out a logical reasoning on WHYYY this happened, Dr. Islam came up with a brief assumption by stating:

I have read that people used to get sexual gratification by inserting instruments through the penis. This is one such case, and the psychiatrist can help him beyond this point

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