A Distillery Accidentally Sold Gin Bottles Full Of Hand Sanitizer!

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in the US back in February and March, there was a massive shortage of hand sanitizer across the nation.

Distilleries and breweries stepped up to the plate to begin producing bottles of hand sanitizer with the by-product of their alchol.

One Australian gin distillery outside of Melbourne had a really tragic mix-up with their products and accidentally sold bottles labeled as 'SS Casino Gin' to distributors that were actually full of hand sanitizer!

Apollo Bay Distillery began bottling their hand sanitizer to help contribute to the short supply during the COVID-19 pandemic, but some how, some of their bottles' contents ended up MISLABELED.

The company has since issued a recall on the products that were mislabeled, stating:

The product is labeled as gin, however it is not gin. The bottles are not correctly sealed, they can be identified as having no shrink wrap seal

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