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Nashville In Talks To Host NFL Draft IN 2024 Or 2025!

The 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville went down in history as the largest attended and watched NFL draft ever!

The three day event, help on Broadway in Downtown Nashville, brought over 600,000 fans and raked in $132.8 million in visitor spending to Nashville! The records don't stop there either! More than 47.5 million fans watched the event on TV, making it the most watched NFL draft in history!

Butch Spyridon, CEO of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation, told AllTitans that the city has submitted an expression of interest to host the NFL Draft again in 2024 and 2025!!

Spyridon said in an exclusive interview:

We didn’t want to bid in the short term. We wanted to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But we would like to bring it back, and I think (the NFL) would like to come back.

After the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, definitely indicated they'd be interested hosting it in Nashville again:

The 2019 NFL Draft was a tremendous continuation of the celebration of the NFL's 100th season and an opportunity to welcome the next generation of stars. Dramatic and emotional storylines played out in cities across the country with the energetic host city of Nashville serving as a breathtaking backdrop to hundreds of thousands of passionate fans who lined the streets and enjoyed a unique NFL Draft Experience.

Spyridon actually believes the 2021 NFL draft, which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, will be a public event.

Las Vegas was granted the opportunity to host in 2022 after this year’s lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and in 2023, the draft will be in Kansas City.

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