Mayan Calendar 'Was Wrong And World Will End NEXT WEEK’

If it feels like the the world is ending because of COVID-1-, civil unrest with the black lives matter movement, murder hornets and even volcanic eruptions -- YOU MAY BE RIGHT.

According to a conspiracy theory on Twitter, the original reading of the Mayan calendar was WRONG. The world didn't end on December 21, 2012 like originally thought by calendar readers, but the Mayan doomsday is allegedly sometime this week or next!

In the conspiracy Twitter thread, scientist Paolo Tagaloguin said:

Following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012 … The number of days lost in a year due to the shift into Gregorian Calendar is 11 days … For 268 years using the Gregorian Calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2,948 days. 2,948 days / 365 days (per year) = 8 years

If the scientist is correct, adding up all of the missed days, then the Mayan doomsday is **insert dramatic music** NEXT WEEK!

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