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'The Bachelorette's' Kaitlyn Bristowe Joins Dancing With The Stars!

'The Bachelorette' star, Kaitlyn Bristowe, is FINALLY having her dreams come true!

On Monday, June 15, an episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - EVER explored some of the best moments from Kaitlyn's season! At the end of the episode, Chris Harrison surprised Kaitlyn and asked her to be part of the next season of Dancing With The Stars!

The life changing reveal happened at the end of the episode right after Kaitlyn mistakenly thought her current boyfriend, Jason Tartick, was proposing! LOL

Chris Harrison said:

By the way, I know you mentioned meeting your future wife ... you know I'm an ordained minister

Kaitlyn responded with:

Oh my gosh. Don't even do this. My stomach just sank because I was like wait is this happening right now?

Making the moment even more believable, Kaitlyn thought she felt a ring box in Tartick's pocket **BUT IT WAS JUST HIS AIRPODS LOL LOL**

After all of the confusion, Chris Harrison asked Kaitlyn the question she's been waiting for her whole life!

In all seriousness, I do have a real question for you Kaitlyn. This is a question I'm so excited to ask you because, well, your life is about to change. Kaitlyn, will you be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars?

Kaitlyn Bristowe was SO CUTE in her reaction to he question by stating:

I feel like this is back to the moment where you told me I was the Bachelorette. That is the last thing in the world I thought you were going to say. I thought you were going to ask me to take over your job ... I don't know
Yes yes! I'm so honored to say yes

WATCH the entire video here! ---->

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