Aunt Jemima To Remove Image From Packaging And Rename Brand!

With the Black Lives Matter movement creating massive changes in the world, Quaker Oats is the next brand to make a change to one of their products!

Quaker Oats just announced that their breakfast brand 'Aunt Jemima' will undergo an entire brand overhaul!

For the overhaul, Quaker Oats will remove the imaging from ALL packaging and even rename 'Aunt Jemima' after public outcry over the brand perpetuating racial sterotypes!

In a statement, the company said:

"We acknowledge the brand has not progressed enough to appropriately reflect the confidence, warmth, and dignity that we would like it to stand for today. While work has been done over the years to update the brand in a manner intended to be appropriate and respectful, we realize those changes are not enough.

Apparently the rebranding process will start at the end of the year and the name change will actually follow at a later time, no specific details on that time frame yet!

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