TN Legislature Passes Fetal Heartbeat Bill & Ban On Down Syndrome Abortion

An abortion restriction bill, part of Governor Bill Lee's legislative agenda that was kinda of pushed aside earlier this spring during the COVID-19 pandemic, was brought up through last minute budget negotiations between the House and Senate.

The 'Fetal Heartbeat Bill' bans abortions after the point a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks.

In addition to the fetal heartbeat portion of the bill, according to the Tennessean; the legislation also prohibits the procedure:

If the doctor knows that the woman is seeking an abortion because of the child's sex or race.
If the doctor knows the woman is seeking an abortion due to to a diagnosis of Down syndrome.
For juveniles in custody of the Department of Children's Services, including removing the current option to petition a judge for permission.

According to the bill, there is an exception to the restrictions if a woman's life is in danger, but there will be no exceptions for rape or incest.

Apparently the legislation was also amended to require that abortion clinics post a sign in the waiting room and in the patient rooms informing people that it may be possible to reverse a chemical abortion, and impose a fine of $10,000 for failing to do so.

Users on Twitter are having very mixed reactions regarding the bill.

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