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Man Nearly Dies After Sticking 16 Inch Eel In His Butt To Cure Constipation

Dr. Li, doctor at a Chinese hospital told local media, apparently a man nearly died after allegedly inserting a 16-inch eel up his butt to try and treat his constipation.

Apparently the live fish actually tore through the man's intestines before DYING and getting stuck in his abdomen for A WEEK!

The patient is said to be in his 50's, claimed he decided to use the ell to solve his constipation after following a 'folk remedy.'

The news came out after the patient sought medical attention at the Huanjjian Hostpial in Dongguan, Guangdong providence, due to suffering extreme abdominal pain.

Dr. Li from the hospital continued to tell the media:

We suspected that there was a foreign object in his abdominal cavity from a CT scan. But we couldn't tell where it came from.' The patient then underwent an emergency abdominal operation after his condition became life-threatening. During the laparoscopy procedure, we detected that it was an eel. It had completely entered the abdominal cavity and already been dead. The man's organ had been severely infected and filled with waste matter.

He has fully recovered after medics removed the dead fish from his abdomen during emergency surgery!

CLICK HERE to see the x-ray photo's!

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