Doctor Makes House Calls With Lightning McQueen From 'Cars'!

Due to COVID-19, a lot of children are missing out on their vaccinations. Doctors say that regularly schedule vaccines are essential during even a pandemic!

Because these vaccines are still essential, there's one pediatrician that's going super old school in an effort to get kids their vaccinations!

Doctor Corey Fish, from Brave Care, is making house calls -- but in the coolest way possible!

Dr. Fish decided to hop in a 'Lightning McQueen'-themed red corvette to make house calls, to make children excited about their appointments!

Dr. Fish told a local media outlet:

I think people think that doctor’s offices are a place where they’re likely to get exposed to coronavirus and things of that nature. I would say that our offices are probably safer than your average grocery store at this point. It’s fun. We get to go around in a thing that sparks joy and gets kids excited and get to show up to somebody’s house and administer needed vaccines on their front porch or on their patio furniture.

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