YouTube Star, Jenna Marbles, Quitting YouTube Over Past Racist Videos

Jenna Marbles, YouTube Star, announced on Thursday, June 25, that she is quitting her wildly famous vlog after fans asked her to apologize for racist videos she's made in the past.

Marbles addressed the controversy and announced her departure from the platform with a video stating:

I want to make sure the things that I put into the world are not hurting anyone. I’ve tried my best to grow up and to be a better person. And first and foremost, I want everyone to know that I’ve always been a two-way street, and that anytime that you criticize me and tell me that you would like me to do better or to do something differently, that I always try to do that. And I try to make fun content, inclusive content, things that don’t offend people or upset people, and that’s kind of where I am.

In the past she made offensive videos that included when she dressed in blackface imitating Nicki Minaj, when she shamed women 'who slept around' -- and she also made a racist joke about Asian men in her 'Bounce On That D**k' music video.

In her announcement video, Jenna went on to say:

I’m sorry if any of my old content holds any nostalgia for you, but I’m literally not trying to put out negative things into the world. I think there was a time when having all of my old content exist on the internet showed how much I have grown up as a person, which I’m very proud of. I think now it’s hard for that content to exist at all because I think people watch it and don’t bother to look at when it was posted or care about what path I took to get to where I am. It offends them now, and, if that’s the case, where people will watch something and be offended now, I don’t want it to exist.

WATCH the video below!

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