Florida Woman Gives Birth In Parking Lot - Caught On Security Camera!

Forewarning, I don't think you'll EVER be the same after watching this video...

Florida resident, Susan Anderson, was literally walking into Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways to give birth to her baby. Clearly, the baby had OTHER plans because Susan ended up giving birth in the parking lot!

Security footage was released by owner, Gelena Hinkley, that shows two police officers running over to try and help the midwife deliver the baby.

Sandy Lobaina, midwife at Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways, ran to Susan's side as soon as she witnessed the baby was going to make it's way into the world IN THE PARKING LOT.

Sandy told a local news outlet that she's had some crazy births, but not like this one:

Not in the parking lot. Babies sometimes come really quick. You just gotta be, you gotta be quick. Put your gloves on, just go.

WATCH the shocking video below!

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