Sassy 4 Year Old Girl Explains Why Boys Need To Have Manners!

There's a video going viral of a four-year-old little girl from San Francisco, that borrowed her mom's phone to explain to the world why boys need to use their manners when talking to girls!

The video shows the sassy little girl, Delilah, sitting in the back of her parent's car explaining why boys need manners; after an older boy was bugging her at the park!

Delilah is the cutest little girl I've ever seen in my life LOL

She says in the video:

We were at the track and a boy was trying to get me to go over and play and he was shouting, 'Caw, caw!' But that’s not how you win a girl over! You have to have manners and he was saying, 'Meow, meow.' Why was he doing that to a girl? And you don’t call a girl over like that, OK guys? If I don’t know you I won’t talk to you, only if I know you or you're my teacher then it’s okay!

WATCH the video here!

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