VIDEO: My Time With Robin Williams In Nashville On this Anniversary!

A few years back, I was cast in the movie 'The Boulevard' starring the late Robin Williams.

Growing up I had the amazing opportunity of working on a multitude of different TV and movie projects. Out of every experience, the day I met Robin Williams will never be lost on me. I VERY vividly remember his daily iconic arrival to set. He would drive himself to set. Immediately upon his arrival, he would come check on all of us and make sure we were happy, had everything we needed for the day -- then finally make his way to his dressing location to get ready. Between each scene, he would continuously go out of his way to make sure we were all taken care of and at the end of the day, we would all just sit around and talk about life; where we were and where we wanted to be.

There's one moment in particular that sticks out in my mind and I am SO happy I caught it on camera. We were all standing around between scenes, once again talking about life. One of the PA's on set, I think her name was Alyssa, opened up about her love of rapping. Like Robin always did, he wanted to hear her.

This video. This video brings tears to my eyes but so much happiness to my soul. Watch as Robin is gleefully dancing to the PA rap while on set of 'The Boulevard.'

Robin Williams On Set Of 'The Boulevard'

Long story short, Happy Birthday to the kindest human I have ever met in my life. Robin would have been 69 years old today.

Thank you for the long late night talks, thank you for encouraging me to live a my passion, thank you for changing my life -- for the better.

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