Dolly Parton Themed Rooftop Bar Opens In Nashville!

Nashville is wildly known for being the home of almost every country music star on the planet; including the legendary Dolly Parton!

There's a new hotel with a rooftop bar, with a complete Dolly Parton theme in downtown Nashville!

The 'Graduate Hotel' has a rooftop bar named 'White Limozeen' which is named after Dolly's 1981 hit. It's VERY pink -- with pink scalloped umbrella's, that give shade to the pink daybeds and give the patrons some relief while in the pool!

Inside of the hotel, there's a circular onyx bar **perfect place to grab a drink** -- and even presidential suites which are appropriately named '9 to 5' after Dolly's hit song and movie!

Our girl, Maren Morris, actuall visited the rooftop bar and shared her experience on Instagram with the caption:

Social distancing & enjoying a gigantic Dolly Parton sculpture this beautiful Nashville Saturday. 🌸💕

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