KFC & Crocs Have Teamed Up To Make Shoes That Smell Like Chicken!

Imagine walking around and smelling fried chicken at all times -- kind of sounds like a dream come true, right??

WELL, not in this case! The fried chicken is gonna be mixed with a sweaty foot smell!

KFC and Crocs just announced a new collaboration... They've teame dup to release a new set of Crocs, that are not only painted to look like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they are also scented to smell like it!

The original listing price for these special edition Crocs was $59.00 -- but are now reselling on eBay for $500.00!!

Some really sad news for you, KFC has already announced that they won't be making anymore. So if you want your sweaty feet to exude the aroma of fried chicken, you're going to have to fork over some major money!

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