Bachelorettes Accused Of Coughing On Employee At Nashville Restuarant!

Nashville is still under pretty strict restrictions regarding bars and restaurants amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The co-owner of The Mockingbird, Mikey Corona, opened up in a lengthy Facebook post about a bachelorette party who allegedly refused to follow the city's COVID-19 restrictions and even COUGHED on an employee!

Mikey warned the rest of the hospitality community on Facebook about this group of bachelorettes by stating:

Nashville Hospitality Peeps! Be on the lookout for a group of 10 bachelorettes tonight (Friday August 1st, 2020 around 8:15pm - made a call ahead under the name MEAGAN CROOK) that came in to our restaurant and threw a fit because we couldn’t sit them at one long continuous table due to phase 2 restrictions (no more than 6 guests per table). They even began to defy the rules and pull the tables together themselves. After we told them we can be reported for violating this condition of Nashville’s Phase 2, they got up and stormed out-most not wearing a mask as they left (and even arguing with other tables as they even were telling them to put their masks on), but before they left one of them that refused to wear their mask on the way out turned her head and coughed a few times on one of our team members. That is considered assault and we are not taking it lightly. We are filing a police report and are wanting whatever other information we can get on these guests so we can get the name and information of the exact individual in this group so that we can hold them accountable for their actions. Please message me
If anyone here has any other info we can add to the police report. Thanks y’all, be careful out there- we are all just trying to survive in this wackiness.
EDIT: someone has sent me over some of their Facebook info (pics added) so you can see clearer pictures of them. If anyone has further information please let us know. Thanks.
UPDATE: Monday 8.3.20: Thank you for all of your help in getting information on these individuals. It’s good to know we stick together when someone does wrong to us in the hospitality world and treats us less than human. It’s in our hospitality DNA to turn the other cheek in these scenarios- but this was too far. We have done a few news interviews that are going to air today and hope we can get the identity solidified of the person of interest and urge the Metro Police to do due diligence. We plan on also reaching out to the Mayors office asking them about how we are to enforce these mandates with non-compilers when the police consider these acts a non-emergency.

WATCH Mikey's interview about the encounter, HERE!

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