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Time To Say Goodbye To BNA Carpet! RIP!

SOMEONE GRAB THE TISSUES! It's officially the end of an iconic era at the Nashville International Airport!

Sure, they're doing some amazing upgrades to the airport -- like a new concourse, more parking garages && even a makeover on the lobby, BUT THEY'RE REMOVING OUR BELOVED TACKY CARPET!

If you've ever flown into Nashville, there's no better sense of home than landing and walking out onto the carpet that's been there for so long!

The beige/brown carpet that was designed to be a visualization of music is leaving.. for good..

BNA President, Doug Kreulen told the Tennessean:

The new carpet is something we had designers pull together that reflects all the colors of Tennessee from the central region to the east and west side. It will take a little while for people to get over it. But when you look at the new floors and new carpet compared to the old carpet, it's like night and day. To me, it's beautiful.

Apparently the entire flooring makeover has commenced and will continue to haunt us over the next three years!

You can actually own your very own slice of BNA carpet, HERE!

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