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This Haunted Road Trip Will Lead You To The Scariest Places In Tennessee!

Sometimes a roadtrip is exactly what the doctor ordered. ESPECIALLY during a global pandemic where we can't really do anything!

There's a roadtrip of haunted houses across TN that could both thrill you and get you out of the house lol

HERE is an interactive road map where you can add or delete destinations from your trip!



We all know Graceland as the iconic home of Elvis Presley! Graceland is said to be haunted by Elvis walking amongst the home!

Address: Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, TN, 38116

NEXT: Hurricane Mills

Legendary country music star, Loretta Lynn, made Hurricane Mills famous. She even has the Loretta Lynn ranch out there, that has become a tourist attraction and venue! Daughters of Loretta have reported seeing civil war soldiers walking across the property. MORE details on the history of the property HERE!

Address: 44 Hurricane Mills Road, Hurricane Mills, TN, 37078.

Carnton Plantation:

Apparently of all of the ghost stories across Tennessee, the Carnton Plantation has the creepiest stories! The LARGEST confederate graveyard in the south is located on this property && multiple people have said they see soldiers walking the fields. Reports have also stated that there is a young servant who still sweeps the kitchen!

Address: 1345 Eastern Flank Circle, Franklin, TN, 37064.

Now, lets make our way over to Murfreesboro, TN to the Stones River Battlefield:

Most Nashville natives have heard of or driven by the Stones River Battlefield in Mufreesboro, TN -- if you're unfamiliar with is, its also known as 'The Bloody Pen'. The Battle of Stones River began on the last day of 1862 and was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Civil War. The soldiers are said to be wandering the battlefield.

Address: 3501 Old Nashville Highway, Murfreesboro, TN, 37129.

Lets round it out with the Bell Witch Cave:

The Bell Witch Cave is one of Tennessee's most notable haunted attractions is it even garnered attention from Andrew Jackson! The website for the cave gives a great back story on the haunting of the property stating:

Some members of the family began seeing strange looking animals around the property. Then late at night they started hearing knocking sounds on the doors and outer walls of the house. Later sounds were being heard in the house. Sounds of a rat gnawing on the bed post, chains being drug through the house, stones being dropped on the wooden floors, then gulping and choking sounds.
The family was terrified but kept the problem to themselves for over a year. When things became intolerable John confided in a neighbor, James Johnson. He invited Mr and Mrs Johnson to spend the night. After several nights of witnessing these strange things, Mr. Johnson suggested that more people should be told. And a committee was formed and an investigation started.
It was not long before people were coming from miles around to hear and witness this unseen force that was terrorizing the Bell home. Before long this unseen force had gained enough strength that it now had a voice. When asked who and what it was, it gave different identities. It once stated that it was the witch of a neighbor woman named Kate Batts. This is what many people believed, and from then on, this unseen force was called "Kate" the "Bell's Witch".
It seemed that Kate had two main reasons for visiting the Bell home. The main one was to kill John Bell. For what reason no one knows because Kate never gave a reason why. The second reason was to stop John's youngest daughter Betsy from marrying a certain neighbor boy named Joshua Gardner.
Over the next three years "Kate" tormented members of the Bell family almost daily. John and his daughter Betsy was the ones who received the worst of the physical abuse. Betsy had her hair pulled, she was pinched, scratched stuck with pins and even beaten. While John Bell began suffering from spells of swelling of the throat and often had the feeling of a stick being stuck sideways in his throat. Then came the twitching and jerking of the facial muscles. Kate would blast him with curses and hideous threats during these spells. As time went on John Bell became weaker and weaker.

Address: 430 Keysburg Road, Adams, TN, 37010.

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