Special Shirt Designed To Save Nashville Music Venues From Closing!

I think we can all agree that MUSIC is the beating heart of Nashville. I mean, it's LITERALLY known as 'Music City' LOL

One of the hardest hit industries from the COVID-19 pandemic was certainly our local music industry!

You know what else makes Nashville extremely different? The willingness to help each other out!

So, we decided to do just that! We teamed up with our friends at Two Rivers Ford to 'Drive The Music' and help out the Music Venue Alliance of Nashville 'MVAN'.

They created a shirt where 100% of the profits will go to MVAN -- if you've never heard of the Music Venue Alliance of Nashville, they're an organization that helps support independent venues. SO the profits will be going to support venues like Bluebird Cafe, Exit/in, Cannery Ballroom, The Basement, The Listening room && more!

CLICK HERE to buy the t-shirts and help support our local independent venues!

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