'Schitt's Creek' Released Bonus Episodes & You Can Watch Them For FREE!

'Schitts Creek' is by far one of my favorite shows to EVER EXIST! I mean, EW DAVID!

People across the globe have been begging Eugene and Dan Levy, who created the show, for MOREEEE episodes! I mean, who doesn't want to see how Roland is as a father?! LOL

Wellllll -- they are now releasing new bonus episodes in the form of 'webisodes' on their YouTube chanell!

It's actually a web series called 'Inside Schitts Creek' that features little vignettes of the characters in town!

There's a house tour from Jocelyn!

Stevie and David give a brutally honest review of The Rosebud Motel!

David gives us a hilarious tour of all of Moira's wigs!

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