Man Burns Down Convenience Store After Credit Card Is Declined!

A 40 Year old man named Kyle, decided to stop at a convenience store in Virginia around 3:30 AM **already sounds like a bad idea**

He walked up to the checkout line, then his credit card was declined. TYPICALLY, people would be like, ' OMG, I have no money I am so sorry.'

Nope, Kyle decided to take matter into his own hands **literally** and set the PLACE ON FIRE.

So here's the story -- apparently he walked back into the convenience store after his card was declined, proceeded to pour a can of gasoline all over the floor AND LIGHT THE PLACE ON FIRE!

Allegedly, he proceeded to drive off while the manager was putting the fire out, but thankfully, the cops caught him pretty quickly! LOL He was hiding under a tractor trailer at a nearby Lowe's store AND he had a hammer.

Now, he is facing felony charges for arson, burglary, and destruction of property.

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