24-Year-Old Woman Has 21 Babies In 17 Months!!

There's a 24 year old woman, named Kristina, that's going viral because she had 21 babies in 17 MONTHS!

I know it sounds insane, but she and her millionaire husband paid $195,500 to surrogates between March of last year and July of this year to build their MASSIVE family!

WHY you would want 21 children... not really sure, unless you're wanting your own football team.

To take care of all 21 children, Kristina and her husband spend $96,000 a year for 16 live-in nannies that work round the clock!

Lets break down the math really quickly, that's only $6,000 a year... to work ROUND THE CLOCK.

The 21 babies range in age from 19 months to 3 months old!

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