Dumb People Are Eating Rotten Meat In Hopes Of Getting High

Humans are disgusting, dumb creatures and this latest trend proves that.

People are eating decomposed, raw meat in hopes it will cause euphoric-like effects. They've dubbed it "high meat" and it has been circulating the depths of the Internet since 2017. It's made the rounds again as tweets about the practice are getting more popular.

Experts say there is a chance that all the bacteria that builds up on meat as it rots might be the reason people feel high or experience hallucinations, but they obviously warn against trying it out.

Please don't eat rotten meat as it can cause severe illness and even death... smh.

EDIT: This has nothing to do with cultural practices. There are plenty of cultures who practice eating controlled fermented or aged meat (including the US). I am strictly talking about people who are not educated on this practice and are eating spoiled and rotten meat in hopes of getting high, which can and has lead to people going to the hospital. These people are not doing it for cultural purpose or health purposes. They are very strictly just trying to get high off of the meat.

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