Floyd Mayweather Gives Jake Paul A Black Eye At News Conference

The Paul brothers are ready to cause a scene everywhere they go and the news conference for the upcoming Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight is just the latest event that has fallen victim to their chaos.

After the news conference for the fight ended and the smack talk subsided, Jake Paul decided that was his moment to stir the pot. He approached Floyd Mayweather about the fact he had called the brothers "fake fighters." It ended with Jake snatching Floyd's hat right off his head and starting a massive brawl.

The fight involved multiple people from both parties and Jake walked away with some injuries from it, a black eye and chipped tooth to be exact.

Don't worry, he doesn't seem to be phased as he posted a video showing off a new tattoo of a baseball cap with the phrase "gotcha hat" shortly after the altercation happened. Chances are, he planned this from the start for the benefit of some attention... and it worked.

The Mayweather v. Logan Paul bout will be on June 6th at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida.

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