Woman Catches Cheating Boyfriend Thanks To Live Photo Feature

TikToker/influencer Serena Kerrigan made a sad but wonderful discovery recently.

There's this fun little feature for iPhones called Live Photos. Essentially you hold the photo down and it plays a few seconds of when the picture was taken. Typically people will forget the feature even exists, but not Serena.

When her boyfriend sent her a picture of a hotel bed with the message "I miss you," she decided to check out the live part of the photo and found something shocking. A RANDOM GIRL JUMPED ON THE SAME BED HE TOOK THE PICTURE OF AS IT WAS TAKEN. Something she may have never known if not for her random thought to check the Live Photo feature.

Wow. I feel bad for Serena, but she's probably better off without him AND she just helped so many other women by sharing this.

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