New Merch Announcement For BTS Fans

BTS fans, this one's for YOU!

You may be super pumped for the music video for "Butter" to come out soon, but we all know you're still obsessed with their hit song "Dynamite."

That's why BTS has teamed up with phone case company, Casetify, for some insanely creative merch. Starting Monday, May 31, you can grab one of five phone cases or some other tech items. The phone cases give off some serious retro vibes with designs like a vinyl record of "Dynamite," a case filled with colorful "stickers" related to the record, and a cartoon version of the very iconic donut shop from their "Dynamite" music video. There will also be Apple Watch bands, AirPod Cases, and wireless chargers.

If you want to ensure you get your hands on the new merch, there's a virtual waitlist you can join here: . Products range from $35 to $69.

Happy shopping ARMYs!

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