Men Only Wash Their Underpants How Often?

I have a bone to pick with men after hearing this stat.

According to a new survey, one in four men wait five wears before they actually wash their underwear. That means they will wear the same dirty pair for DAYS. Just to give you an idea of how disgusting that is, scientists at Proctor & Gamble say 70-percent of the soiling of your clothes are invisible to the eye. Things like skin cells, body oils and sweat are all up in there and you just don't see it. Even worse, the experts at Healthline say 83-percent of "clean" underwear still has up to 10,000 bits of bacteria.

Sorry, I just had to swallow the throw up in my mouth...

Luckily the majority of men-- 80-percent to be exact-- will wash their underwear after one wear. Now you can add, "how often do you wash your underwear" to your list of awkward first date questions.

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