The New 'Power Puff' Show Will Be Reworked

The CW has ordered a new pilot for the live-action version of "The Powerpuff Girls."

The plot was supposed to follow the girls as jaded twenty-somethings who have all been through a lot as they fought crime to keep the people of Townsville safe, but people were concerned they weren't giving the show the proper respect when it comes to remaking something so loved and nostalgic for so many. The concern may have gotten to them as they have decided to change some things up and re-shoot the pilot in the off-cycle.

The leads-- Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault, and Donald Faison-- will all still be part of the rework, as well as the majority of the creative team.

Here's to hoping they can figure out a way to make it all work!

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