Instagram Has Changed Their Like Feature

Instagram has officially changed their "like" feature.

For some time now, Instagram has been toying with their famous "like" feature and it seems they have officially figured out how to make it work to make everyone happy.

Originally the company was going to do away with the like counts you find under pictures. They've even gone ahead and disabled the feature in testing, but apparently that didn't go as well as they thought and since then have decided to change it up by taking into account all the feedback they've received.

Now everyone will have a little more control over their feed with the option of hiding all like counts and, to take it a step further, there is the option to hide your personal like counts from your followers.

Want to hide like counts on other people's posts? Just go to your profile, click the three lines on the top right, go to your settings, search "posts" and click Hide Like and View Counts. Trying to turn off the ability to view like counts on your own posts? Click the three dots on the top right corner above a photo and click Hide Like Count. Easy as that!

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