Floyd "Money" Mayweather Is Always Down For A "Quick Heist"

Floyd "Money" Mayweather fought YouTuber Jake Paul in a exhibition match last night.

The exhibition went all 8 rounds and ended with no decision as neither fighter was knocked out (despite the theories Logan may have been "accidentally" knocked out at some point and that's why you can see Floyd holding him up).

For those wondering why a man who has gone undefeated 50-0, with 27 KO's, in his career would decide to go up against someone who is not a fighter, we have the answer... MONEY.

During a post fight interview, Floyd Mayweather told the press that he's the best "when it comes to legalized bank robbery." He later referred to the Logan Paul fight as a "quick heist."

He's set to make anywhere between $50 million and $100-milion off the exhibition. He said he already made $30-million in pre-fight build-up. He is guaranteed $10-million and will make 50% of pay-per-view profits.

Safe to say "Money" Mayweather knows how to play to his advantage, in the ring and out of the ring.

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